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Vertimax Training


Volleyball training with VertiMax provides the most advanced jump training (FLIGHT SCHOOL) and speed & agility training (GROUND CONTROL) system in the world.

With the ability to load the legs and arm swing while jumping and the waist and feet while performing defensive drills, we’ll tap into vertical performance and speed your players never knew they had. The biggest increases you’ll see in competition are your player’s hitting, blocking and digging percentages.

In just a few short years VertiMax has become the number one athletic training system among youth athletes to further develop athleticism in a very competitive landscape. Even though they have the majority of pro teams in all major sports using VertiMax, parents with a child athlete of approximately 12 years of age (starting as young as 6 years old) have become our number one customer group. VertiMax is a very simple system to use and children immediately bond with the system and have fun using it while their athleticism develops.

It will do much more than improve your children’s vertical jump; it will allow them to make the required competitive moves with a speed and elasticity that he or she did not have before. The intensity it builds allows them to distinguish themselves as key play-makers and game-winners. VertiMax will get results that weight training and traditional plyometrics can’t provide them and you’ll see those results show up where they count the most – and that’s during your child’s competition!

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