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Tournaments | Travel Tips


Accommodation and flights for the travel trips your team may have scheduled are not included in the monthly dues.  Out-of-state travel trips can start as early as January so it's a good idea to start saving as soon as possible!

Once the team travel plans are confirmed, the schedule will be emailed to you. Flight costs vary greatly depending on location, time of booking, availability, etc. and some parents will use their flight miles to book tickets.

Rocky Select books blocks of hotels for a discounted rate and room costs tend to range anywhere from $95 ‐ $220+ per night. 


Parents are responsible for transporting their players to and from all in-state and out-of-state tournaments.

Parents will make all flight reservations and hotel reservations at the team hotel for their player and family.

If a parent is not traveling to an out-of-state tournament, their player is required to stay at the team hotel with a supervising adult.


Travel fees (out-of-state travel and Crossroads) are included in your tuition costs (except for Junior National Championship costs, which are additional charges that will be assessed in the case that the team qualifies for Junior National Championships) and will  over the following charges to the Club for scheduled trips:

  • Tournament Entry Fees.
  • All Club staff expenses (which may include hotel, airfare, ground transportation, parking, food and incidentals for Coaches, Managers and Directors).
  • Transaction and other fees that may incur.
  • Crossroads (this fee will cover the local 3‐day tournament, staff expenses as noted above and Prep or recruiting combine).

Travel fees DO NOT cover:

  • Junior National Championship fees and costs.
  • Athlete or non‐staff parent hotel.
  • Athlete or non‐staff parent airfare.