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Rocky Select Volleyball | Colorado | Coaches Corner

Hi Coaches!  This is YOUR page with information on what to expect this season, helpful hints on how to submit extra hours, and more. We hope this will help answer any questions you may have but if there is something you would like to see posted on this page - something that you think would be beneficial to other coaches - please let us know at

With your help, it's going to be another amazing year at Rocky Select!


All coaches will need to sign-up in order to enable us to assign your team's page to you.  

If you have a player on one of the teams, no worries!  We will still need you to register as a Coach but you will be able to sign in to your account instead of having to create a new one.

Questions?  Contact us at


Please click on the tabs below for more information on how payments will be managed.  If you have any questions, please contact for assistance. 


All coaches should have access to a shared calendar (there is one calendar for Rocky South and one calendar for Rocky North).

If you have a private or group lesson scheduled, you are required to add the event to the shared calendar.  If you have any questions regarding this or need access to the calendar, please contact Crystal at

Rocky South Coach Calendar

Please note that you can only access this calendar if you have been granted permission.

Rocky North Coach Calendar

Please note that you can only access this calendar if you have been granted permission.

Managing your team online

SportsEngine's team management features are located in TeamCenter, which you can access by clicking the team name from your teams.

From there, staff members with Coach or Team Manager roles can:

  • Add players and staff to the roster
  • Schedule events and manage RSVPs
  • Send messages to your team

Accessing Your Team Using the Mobile App

To access the Mobile app, download the SportsEngine App in the App store and log in to your SportsEngine account to follow your team.

Any teams you are associated with will automatically appear in the Teams tab.

Important: If you do not see your team in the Teams tab, please reach out to as you may not be rostered or connected correctly to that team.

You are able to search for a team in the mobile app as well. To do so, click on the Teams tab, then in the top right corner click on the magnifying glass icon to type in the team id or the name of that team.

Useful Links:


Coaches will make training the number one priority for their teams, will participate in team building activities, and support the mission of Rocky Select.

Playing time will be determined at the sole discretion of the coaching staff and is based primarily on stats and team chemistry.

Coaches will interact regularly with players and parents and will provide feedback to each player during the season.

Coaches will set up pre-season and mid-season meetings with their players and parents to discuss the player’s skills, areas of demonstrated improvement, areas where a player requires improvement, team dynamics and interaction, playing time, etc. During these meetings, coaches will not discuss other players on the team and will keep their comments directed toward the player having the conference. Coaches will be open and honest in such communications and will treat every player with respect. Additional one-on-one meetings at the request of the coach, player or parents will be scheduled by request. Coaches do expect players to advocate for themselves, but parents are welcome to attend any meetings.


  • Will work with and strive to develop every member of his or her team.
  • Will direct comments relative to performance and team commitment, nothing said in the gym will be a personal attack.
  • Will explain the ‘whys’ of technique, strategies, and philosophies concerning the game.
  • Will always put the future health and well-being of the athlete first when concerning injury or illness.
  • When traveling, the safety of each of the players is absolutely in the forefront of the coach’s minds. They will never put any member of the team in a situation where physical or emotional harm my come to them.
  • Coaches are without question, the authority and decision makers concerning their team.